La Muerte Strong CBD Oil 6666mg


La Muerte CBD Oil, 6,666mg of CBD Oil per 30 ml bottle. Our La Muerte CBD Oil is a hot pick as it allows for endless variety of consumption. You can drip our CBD on or in just about anything get crafty or simply put a few drops under your tongue for quick effects!



La Muerte Strong CBD Oil is one of our hottest picks as there are endless possibilities when using this product.

About La Muerte Strong CBD Oil

Our La Muerte Strong CBD Oil is made from intensely strong CBD extract made from spectacular hemp in Colorado from a trusted farm with committed people who have dedicate most of their lives breeding and cultivating the most amazing natural hemp without unnatural pesticides or growth chemicals which cause allergic reactions in some people. The hemp has been properly 3rd party lab tested so rest assured that the hemp you consume is high in quality and free of harmful impurities. Our CBD Oil comes with a scan-able QR code which will bring you to our lab results.

Strong CBD Oil

Effects Of La Muerte Strong CBD Oil

La Muerte CBD Oil has numerous positive effects from pain relief for old achy joints caused by arthritis, to anxiety relief from mental ailments after a long tough day to inducing sleep to combat insomnia or combating numerous addictions such as nicotine or opioid addictions. La Muerte CBD oil can also combat nicotine and opioid withdrawal side effects such as headaches, shivering, and sickness. Not only can La Muerte CBD Oil be used medicinally, but also recreationally to simply ease yourself into a relaxed state making your evening much more enjoyable. La Muerte CBD Oil is not intoxicating or addictive making our strong oil formula perfect for any situation from family gatherings to the work place to at home use.

La Muerte CBD Oil 6666mg

Easy Dosages With La Muerte Strong CBD Oil

La Muerte Strong CBD oil is hands down the easiest way to consume CBD. Our droppers make for easy and convenient dosages; each drop contains 11.11 milligrams of high quality CBD. For beginners around 20mg of CBD is recommended. For those who are new to CBD, you will be relieved to know that it is impossible to overdose with CBD. The worst possible side affect will be a long restful nap. As always be sure to remember to experiment first to find your preferred dosage.


Versatility of La Muerte Strong CBD Oil

La Muerte CBD oil’s versatility is unmatched as La Muerte oil can be dripped in any drink from coffee to smoothies to water to wine. Or dropped on any entree from steak to spaghetti or even potato salad if you wanted to. Our CBD oil can also be easily cooked into any desert as well. Not only can La Muerte CBD oil be used in various foods, but can also be used in multiple skin care products such as soap, skin cream, and other topicals. Get crafty or get in touch with your inner chef. Or if you are not the crafty type, simply place a couple of drops under your tongue for quick effects! Use our CBD oil in any way you see fit. An amazing experience is only a couple drops away!

Strong CBD Oil In Coffee


La Muerte Strong CBD oil’s easy dose droppers allow for easy discrete use in any social or workplace situation. These situations can be overwhelming or depressing and the last thing you need is someone on your back for trying to relax with your favorite CBD oil. Simply put a few drops in your lunch or coffee before work and you are good to go!

No More Nagging Boss


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