Amazing CBD Coffee Pods From Cafe La Muerte 75mg


CBD Coffee Pods 12 Pack. Our coffee pods are the most enjoyable way to consume CBD on a daily basis. This exceptionally blended and roasted coffee is infused with 75 milligrams of CBD per pod. It is extremely convenient to make your daily cup of coffee with our specialized pods.



Our Cafe La Muerte CBD coffee pods, or when translated “coffee of death”, are far better then what the name implies. We import our authentic Mexican blend from the soil rich farms of Mexico which contain the same soil that ancient tribes such as the Mayans and Incas used long ago. Coffee beans arrive in hand made burlap sacks, which is what people in Mexico use to transport products such as rice, beans, and other small harvests of the like, which is why most of our coffee products arrive in burlap sacks in order to keep its Mexican authenticity.

About Our CBD Extract

CBD In Coffee Pods

Our hemp comes from Colorado, which is also known to have a large and amazing Hispanic community, from a trusted farm with committed people who have dedicate most of their lives making the most amazing natural hemp without unnatural pesticides or growth chemicals. We manufacture our CBD coffee pods with the purest natural hemp with the rustic authentic flavor of Mexico.

About Our CBD Coffee Pods

This exceptionally blended and roasted coffee is infused with 75 milligrams per dose. Each cup contains two simple ingredients: ground coffee beans and hemp extract. This means you will not have to be thinking about drinking unhealthy fillers and unnecessary additives while enjoying your daily dose of CBD coffee. We scoop our special CBD coffee blend into k-cups in a controlled lab that is routinely cleaned and meets all laws and regulations.

Cafe La Muerte K Cup

The Most Delicious CBD Coffee Pods

Our CBD Coffee Pods 12 Pack are one of the most enjoyable ways to consume CBD on a daily basis. Our CBD Coffee K-Cups allow you to savor a deliciously smooth and rich Mexican Peruvian blend infused with the most naturally spectacular hemp that money can buy. The hemp has been properly 3rd party lab tested with a QR code linking to lab results, so rest assured that the hemp you consume is high in quality and free of harmful impurities. The taste of hemp goes quite well with coffee both iced and hot so we have a feeling that you will savor this beverage from full cup to the very last drop.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself reaching for another one of our delicious CBD coffee pods shortly after gulping down your first cup.

CBD Coffee

The Most Convenient CBD Coffee Pods

It is extremely convenient to make your daily cup of brew with your Keurig machine, simply use these coffee K-cups like you would any other ordinary cup and you are good to go!! Perfect for those who are constantly in a rush in the morning, morning routine has never been easier with the spectacular option of our coffee k cups. Our coffee is in single serve cups, so you have the luxury of  the controlled dosing of your coffee.

Kuerig CBD Coffee Pods

Our CBD Coffee Pods Amazing Effects

Each cup comes with 75mg of CBD per serve cup. This amount will coincide with the caffeine which will give you incredible energy without the overstimulating effects of caffeine resulting in more focus, less stress, and less hypertension which may also help with getting a great nights sleep after a long day of draining work, as CBD is proven to help with insomnia as well. Overall our CBD Coffee Pods are the best choice for both the day time and night time coffee connoisseurs of the working class. Additional benefits may include pain relief for stressed or aging muscles and joints.

CBD Coffee Pods

The Overall Right Choice

Overall our CBD coffee pods are the right choice as not only could these pods benefit  you in both health and convenience, but also will save you money in the long run compared to other competitors. Other competitors will not provide this type of value as their CBD coffee pods run around $30 with half the CBD and half the quality. That means by buying our coffee pods you save over $15 in overall product value. Purchase our CBD coffee pods today; your body, mind, and wallet will thank you later!

Happy Because They Drank Cafe La Muerte

Other Choices

If you are interested in trying our CBD coffee pods, but do not own a keurig machine we also have ground CBD coffee and CBD infused coffee beans too!

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