It's really Strong!

everyone should try Café la Muerte


mild analgesic

anti inflammatory



WE use the finest CB sourced from respected growers in Colorado.

No more caffeine dependency

It’s a perfect replacement for any other brand of coffee. We use the power of full CBD to make your morning trips to work better. Instead of suffering on caffeine dependency you can now have a better mornings with CAFE LA MUERTE

Why CBD Coffee?

So, why would someone feel the need to add some hemp to their morning cup?  Well, for one thing, it’s a delivery method that is uniquely enjoyable.  A lot of us want to start a daily hemp routine but aren’t so enthused about having to remember to take a tincture each night, or add yet another capsule to our daily regimen.  CBD coffee is so tasty that we forget we’re even taking a daily dose of hemp while we sip our favorite beverage.

Not only that, but CBD and coffee may be a great combination.  While coffee is known for its stimulating effects, CBD has a reputation for helping us relax without losing our sense of concentration.  Taking the two compounds together can provide a more balanced experience that can help us feel more than prepared for the day ahead.

Additionally, this is a highly bioavailable method for consuming CBD, and it also allows for a long-lasting experience well after you’ve enjoyed that last drop.  When we consume CBD via ingestion, the compounds stay active in the system longer because of how they are processed through the liver.  This means that your morning cup has the potential to get you through a large chunk of the day ahead.



Started in 1968. Through its up’s and downs its motto is to maintain a sustainable growth and keep their member base.

The administration and production area is located in San Ignacio, Cajamarca. Peru. Northern border with Ecuador.

In 2008 they buy the Chiclayo processing plant from an American Bank who was 80% owner. COOPAFSI took the risk and a Peruvian bank facilitated the loan for the purchase. Since then COOPAFSI has made improvements to the plant, like the Satake bean sorters.

The Cooperative bought the Chiclayo plant in 2008. It now serves not only its members but other cooperatives. The plant is highly organized, with different areas for the logistics department, storage, sorting and QC.

In 2011 the Cooperative finalized the modernization of the equipment. The plant also offers producers dropping off their coffee with a place to stay, work and cook.


Happy Because They Drank Cafe La Muerte

By mixing these two powerful natural treasures – coffee beans and our CBD oil – we get a drink so smooth and sublime that you wouldn’t believe it exists. In each sip you will appreciate the sweetness, relaxation and energy that only a good cup of coffee could offer you, in addition to its natural benefits.

Remember that coffee is known to have unique nutritional value. It even reduces the impact of some ailments! Without a doubt, thanks to the design of a professional and efficient production process, we have obtained the best cannabis coffee on the market.

Producers are located between 1,200 – 1,800 meters Varietals: Bourbon, Typica, Imperial, Castilla, Mundo Novo (Typica and Bourbon)

Average production area: 3 hectares
Average production in green: 40 bags

80 % of the coffee is sold to the cooperative in parchment (each producer has a fermentation tank & dries their own coffee)

The cooperative offers technical assistance to its members

Under market pricing for new plants and fertilizers. The fertilizer plant was accomplished with the help of Sustainable Harvest.


COOPAFSI is organized by 16 communities. The project seeks to award the producer with the highest score in each community

Global to connect each producer with a roaster. The roaster will cover the cost of the covered drying beds (around $350) In a month COOPAFSI will send a picture of the new infrastructure with receipts to each roaster.

Cafe La Muerte CBD Coffee brews up, into a flavorful, balanced, full-bodied cup. It will help you start your day with a smile; feel alert, focused, calm and jitter-free. And it’s the perfect way to enjoy a little extra CBD in your daily wellness routine.