Why’s More CBD Being Grown Out in Colorado?

One of the best things that we ever did was go with Colorado hemp farmers, who are known for producing the finest hemp in the world.

A lot of people who enjoy our CBD coffee ask us how we make it, and what many don’t realize is that the process of producing our delicious CBD-infused coffee consists of an enormous series of steps that must all work together harmoniously to create the best end product possible, both in terms of flavor and quality.

We’re lucky, however, in that we have managed to team up with some of the best suppliers possible to create our products, which means that it doesn’t take much to ensure that our CBD-infused coffee hits the spot.  One of the best things that we ever did was go with Colorado hemp farmers, who are known for producing the finest hemp in the world.

The Hemp Used in Our CBD Coffee: Colorado Grown

The hemp that we use in Café la Muerte products comes straight from beautiful Colorado, where farmers have been cultivating some of the finest hemp that the market has ever seen.  Colorado remains the #1 supplier for hemp companies around the world, and you may not know that most of the CBD products you’ve tried have likely all come from this one state.

Why Colorado Grown Hemp is So Exceptional

It starts with the origins of the hemp industry in the state.  Colorado was one of the first states to legalize cannabis use for recreational purposes, and so Colorado farmers got a head start, so to speak.  They’ve had more time to develop exceptional farming and manufacturing techniques and have innovated many of the methods and processes that are now considered standard throughout the hemp industry.

Colorado implemented hemp farming plans before the Farm Bill passed federally in 2018, and so by the time other states got around to growing industrial hemp for commercial goods, Colorado was already the main supplier in the country.  Now, most states throughout the country have their own hemp farming problems, but they largely base their models on those first put forth in Colorado years ago.

Because Colorado got a head start, they continue to be ahead of the curve today.  Colorado’s hemp trade offers some of the most high-quality, bioavailable and impurity-free industrial hemp in the world, and the farmers in the state use farming methods that improve the crops dramatically, developing progressive cross-breeding techniques along with extraction methods that yield the highest-quality CBD oils possible.

Beyond that, Colorado’s climate is ideal for growing hemp, and so they are able to grow a wider array of desirable strains that satisfy different consumer needs.

One key factor that has kept Colorado’s hemp farmers successful is that the state government has created initiatives and incentives for these farms to develop exceptional crops compared to other regions of the world.  As a result, farmers have access to resources to improve the state of their practices.

What Colorado Grown Hemp Does for CBD Coffee

It’s ome of the most bioavailable hemp on the market, as we said earlier.  This means that it absorbs into the body in a highly efficient manner for more effectiveness overall.  The key to maximizing bioavailability is using only organic growing methods, cutting-edge extraction methods and purification methods that are gentle on the chemical compounds to maintain their stability.

Further, the higher the quality of the hemp, the cleaner and smoother the taste.  Many customers remark on how delicious our CBD-infused coffee is, and it’s not just the coffee beans that offer a rich and tasty flavor.  The hemp itself has a flavor profile that complements the coffee beautifully, simply put.

At Café la Muerte, we offer some of the finest CBD-infused coffee that you’ll find, and the exceptional quality has a lot to do with the fact that we only work with Colorado hemp farmers.  This gives the coffee a delicious taste and the right bioavailability level to satisfy your CBD-related needs.