How To Find The Best CBD Coffee 2022: Not All CBD Coffees are Created Equally

Have you been thinking about introducing the best CBD coffee into your daily routine?  If so, you should do a little bit of research beforehand, because as you’ll find out not all CBD coffees are created equally.  To make the best CBD coffee, both the coffee beans and the hemp needs to be of an exceptional quality.  That’s not all though.  Flavor, chemical composition, and potency all make a difference as well as when it comes to whether or not you’ll ultimately feel satisfied with your new hemp-infused cups of joe.

The Source of the Coffee Beans

First for the best CBD coffee, you need to consider the source of the coffee beans themselves. We tend to focus a lot on the hemp, which is incredibly important, but the coffee needs to be equally high in quality in order to satisfy your needs. Each region of the world has their own unique coffee bean that varies in terms of flavor, aroma, and fullness of body, so make sure that the coffee you choose suits all of your preferences.

The Best CBD Coffee Beans

The Source of the Hemp

The hemp, of course, is what makes the best CBD coffee.  Therefore, you will want to know that the hemp itself is legitimate and high in quality as you’d be surprised by how much hemp quality can vary.  Make sure that the company that produces the CBD coffee can trace the hemp back to its seed, and that they derive their hemp from organic farmers.  Organic hemp makes a huge difference in terms of the structural integrity of the hemp compounds as well as the potential for impurities to enter the extract, such as pesticides and herbicides that you don’t want to be putting into your body on a daily basis.

Organic Hemp

The Hemp Extraction Process

The process used to extract the compounds out of the hemp plant makes a huge difference when it comes to how effective the hemp will be by the time it makes it to your cup of coffee.  The CO2 extraction process is the best possible process, as it uses pressurized CO2 to lift the compounds away from the hemp plant in a manner that’s gentle yet thorough.  Other methods may release solvents and other impurities into the final product, while potentially destabilizing the critical compounds in a way that renders them useless.

Co2 Hemp Extractor


It’s extremely important that a company has their batches of hemp lab-tested by a third-party facility to ensure that they can provide objective information about the quality and purity levels to consumers.  These lab tests analyze each batch of hemp extract to determine its chemical composition, potency level and purity level, and this information goes back to the company so that it can be shared publicly insuring  the best CBD coffee quality.  A company that doesn’t share such reports regarding their hemp should be viewed with suspicion, as it can indicate that they have something to hide.

Batch Manufacturing

Overall, companies that make their CBD coffee in small batches are highly preferable.  That’s because this indicates that they take the time to make sure that each batch is perfect, as it allows them to maintain better quality control over their operations.  Companies that make huge batches are more likely to make errors during the manufacturing process or miss problems with the quality due to the high volumes that are produced per day. This may take some time, which only further insures the best CBD coffee.

Making Coffee


Milligram Strength

The milligram strength of the hemp plays a huge role when it comes to your ultimate experience.  The milligram strength refers to how many milligrams of actual hemp extract are in each dose of a CBD product.  When it comes to CBD coffee, it determines how many milligrams of hemp you’re getting per cup of coffee.  The more milligrams, the more potent each dose will be, and therefore, the stronger the effects will be felt. One quality of the best CBD will be that the product contains the perfect dosage for you.

Strong CBD Oil



We might take CBD coffee because of its potential effects, but obviously, we want it to taste good otherwise the product wouldn’t qualify as the best CBD coffee.  After all, who wants to drink bland or stale coffee?  Make sure that the company pays attention to flavor, as this doesn’t just make your taste buds happy, but indicates good quality overall.

Best CBD Coffee

Type of Hemp Extract Used

We recommend finding a company that puts full spectrum extract into their coffee.  Full spectrum hemp extract provides the body with the full array of hemp compounds rather than CBD alone.  This allows for more plant properties to get absorbed into your system, and also promotes the encouraged effects, which describes the unique synergistic relationship between the hemp plant’s chemical compounds.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Use of Additives

Finally if you want the best CBD coffee, you want to make sure that the company does not use unnecessary additives in their CBD coffee formulas.  The right CBD coffee only consists of two ingredients: coffee beans and hemp extract.

No Additives

You’re Ready to Start Drinking the Best CBD Coffee

If you want to choose the best CBD coffee product possible, then it’s important to take all of the above factors into account before making a purchase. This way, you’ll know exactly what to look for to ensure the best product for your needs and palate.  Luckily, Café La Muerte CBD Coffee checks all of the boxes, and we can back up all of the claims about our quality as well as our flavor.

The Best CBD Coffee