CBD Coffee: Why Does the Taste of Hemp Go Amazing With Coffee?

At Café La Muerte, we’re known for our absolutely delicious CBD coffee, which combines freshly roasted coffee beans with high-quality, lab-tested hemp oil.  We tend to talk about the effects that our product produces, as CBD and coffee work together synergistically to create a more balanced experience overall.  But rarely do we talk about the unique flavor that results from blending these two ingredients together to create our CBD Coffee.

A lot of our customers have told us that they were surprised by how delicious our CBD coffee is.  Those who were not familiar with hemp prior to trying our coffee didn’t know what to expect and were worried that the cannabis taste would get in the way of that rich, smooth and nutty flavor, but as it turns out, this flavor combination is a match made in plant-based heaven.  Let’s find out why.

Both Ingredients In La Muerte CBD Coffee Are Natural

Both CBD and coffee are natural ingredients, which occur in the plant world.  They both contain a variety of unique flavor molecules and other compounds that give them their distinctive tastes.  As they are both plant-derived, they both offer delicious natural flavors that work together beautifully without overpowering one another creating the most premium flavor in our CBD Coffee.

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La Muerte CBD Coffee Has Mixed Complementary Flavor Profiles

Coffee and hemp have complementary flavor profiles that go surprisingly well together.  Coffee has a rich, bold, earthy, and slightly bitter taste with notes of buttery nuts. Our Coffee contains full spectrum hemp extract which contains a whole profile of flavors. Hemp has a pine-like herbal taste with hints of lemon and mint.  Therefore, it’s not surprising that these flavors work so well together.  They each bring something unique to the table which balances out the other, resulting in a flavor experience that hits the spot like no other every single time.

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Synergy Is At Work In La Muerte CBD Coffee

One thing that we know about hemp and coffee is that they are synergistically linked.  This means that combining the compounds of both plants produces specific effects that provide a sense of balance while offering something unique from their separate parts. Coffee provides high level energy and the CBD provides calming effects which prevent anxiety to create a heightened sense of focus.

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La Muerte Provides The Entourage Effect

La Muerte coffee not only provides balanced flavors and effects, but also provides an effect commonly chased by hardcore CBD fans, the entourage effect. The Entourage effect occurs when a full spectrum of cannabinoids are processing in the in which several cannabinoids enhance the effects of others and in return have their effects enhanced as well proving a very pleasant, almost euphoric experience. To learn more click here.

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La Muerte’s Additional Effects

This doesn’t include the long list of benefits CBD provides from pain relief to anti bacterial effects. It’s not too far-fetched to believe that these two plants were made to go well together by mother nature’s intervention.  Typically, plants that pair well together in terms of their wellness-boosting properties taste great together, as this is a way for nature to let us know that they should be enjoyed together for maximum effectiveness and overall enjoyment.

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Neither Taste Is Too Strong In La Muerte CBD Coffee

Further, coffee and hemp both have fairly subtle flavor profiles that are never overpowering.  Some plants have extremely strong sweetness, or floral notes that taste like soap.  Both coffee and hemp are generally pleasing flavors that never overwhelm the taste buds.  Therefore, it’s safe to say that combining them would not create an unpleasant taste.

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Our CBD Coffee Is A Match Made in Synergy Heaven

Our coffee offers all of these benefits at pristine quality and affordable prices. That’s why so many people can’t stop raving about the CBD coffee we produce here at Café La Muerte. If you want to experience our unique flavor for yourself, try our products at low competitive prices and see what the hype is about.

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