How to Keep Ground CBD Coffee Fresh

Anyone who considers themselves a coffee connoisseur knows that their supplies of coffee are only as good as the manner in which they are stored.  Storing coffee properly allows it to remain fresh and flavorful, which translates to a delicious cup day after day.

When it comes to CBD-infused coffee, storing it properly is even more vital.  CBD, being an organic compound, degrades over time, and eventually loses its potency.  Improper storage can speed up this process with unfortunate results.

Whole Bean vs. Ground Coffee

At Café la Muerte, we offer both pre-ground and whole bean coffee, which must be ground by the customer, and there is a good reason for that.  Once whole coffee beans have been ground up, they are less chemically stable, which means that they can lose their freshness at a faster rate.

But we also recognize that not everyone has the time or resources to grind their own, and that’s perfectly okay.  Unlike a lot of coffee manufacturers out there, we maintain a small-batch approach to selling our coffee products, which is why our coffee does taste extraordinarily fresh and rich despite it having been ground.

Why Both CBD and Ground Coffee Need to Be Stored Properly

Like we said, once coffee has been ground, it can begin to degrade at a faster rate than the whole bean.  Therefore, storing ground coffee properly is essential.  Once those compounds oxidize, the flavor begins to weaken, and even become stale, while the caffeine itself can slowly decrease in potency.

Meanwhile, cannabidiol can have the same fate if it’s not stored under the right conditions.  It is a naturally derived compound of the hemp plant, which loses its potency if left to oxidize, as the cannabinoid slowly degrades and becomes weaker over time.

How to Store CBD Coffee Properly

Now, let’s cover the basic principles of storing ground CBD coffee.  These rules apply to our CBD coffee products, as well as both CBD and coffee individually.

Keep the Coffee Cool

Neither CBD nor coffee respond well to high temperatures, as this speeds up the oxidization process.  This is why you should store your CBD coffee in a cool part of your home.  We recommend finding a cabinet or drawer, which naturally has a cooler temperature than the rest of your house.

Keep the Coffee in a Dark Place

Another natural factor that speeds up the oxidization process is light.  Light breaks down the stability of the compounds, causing them to lose their freshness, flavor, and potency.  Again, a drawer or cabinet is therefore the ideal place for your ground CBD coffee, as these areas only see light when you quickly open them to grab your coffee.

Keep the Coffee Away from Humidity

Moisture has a negative effect on both coffee and cannabidiol, which is why you need to keep the product as dry as possible.  For instance, leaving the coffee next to the stove is a bad idea, as the steam produced when cooking can cause humidity to enter the bag.  Yet again, a cabinet or drawer is ideal, as these areas remain dry, and are sealed off from moisture in the room.

Make Sure Your Coffee is Properly Sealed

A key component to proper storage is ensuring that the coffee is totally sealed.  We sell our CBD coffee in bags that use tabs to seal the coffee safely, preventing air from getting in.  As oxygen enters the product, it causes the compounds to break down more quickly.  Each time you use a bag of our ground CBD coffee, make sure that you take the extra time to properly fold the bag down and put the tabs in the right places so that the bag is completely airtight.

Don’t Put Your Coffee in the Refrigerator or Freezer

We all know someone who keeps their coffee in the refrigerator or freezer, saying that it keeps the grounds fresher for longer.  Unfortunately for those people, this is, in fact, a myth.  What many people do not know is that both your refrigerator and freezer maintain a certain moisture level that can negatively affect coffee.  Further, the surrounding foods can disrupt the flavor and aroma of the coffee.  Therefore, never put your coffee bag in the fridge or freezer, unless you want it to lose its freshness quickly.

Keep Your CBD Coffee as Fresh as Possible

Both CBD and coffee should be kept in a cool, dark, and dry place, while being totally sealed to prevent oxygen from getting in.  Luckily, we all have a drawer or cabinet into which our bag of ground CBD coffee will fit perfectly.  By storing your coffee properly, you can enjoy a bold taste and desirable potency for a long time to come.