How Strong Should CBD Coffee Be?

We’ll be talking about how strong CBD coffee should be, no matter if it’s hot or cold, or even how often it’s consumed.

Café La Muerte has developed a deeply satisfying and super tasty CBD-infused coffee that gives us the best of both worlds – the stimulating power of roasted coffee beans, and the clarity-enhancing, uplifting properties of cannabidiol.  Many people ask us what to expect when they drink CBD coffee, and we always tell them that they are most likely in for a surprisingly balanced experience, as cannabidiol and coffee work together synergistically to keep the mind focused yet calm.

Very Powerful or Subtle Cannabidiol Java

We use what we believe is the appropriate number of milligrams of hemp extract per gram of coffee beans, based on all of the research that we’ve done about how cannabinoids work in the system, and how they interact with caffeine.

It Depends

Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all formula to determining how strong a CBD coffee product should be.  This largely has to do with the fact that everyone’s body treats cannabinoids in a fairly unique manner.  Further, everyone has their own goals with CBD, which is why some people desire only a low potency level, while others seek out the most potent hemp products that they can possibly find.

When determining how strong you’d like your CBD coffee to be, here are some factors that you should take into consideration.

Factor #1: Tolerance Level to CBD

First, know that everyone has a unique tolerance to cannabidiol.  When we talk about tolerance, we refer to how strongly CBD “hits” you, so to speak.  Most people can take large doses and feel calm, uplifted, and generally satisfied.  Other people find that they require an unusually high dose to experience the desired effects.  And some people discover that what are considered high doses make them feel sleepy.

Factor #2: What You Want Out of the CBD Coffee

Another factor to consider is the goals that you have with CBD coffee, and CBD in general.  Some of us enjoy the gentle relaxing properties that the cannabinoid has to offer, which helps us feel more grounded as we go about our day.  Others are seeking out hemp in an attempt to manage a more severe situation, and so they will likely choose a far stronger product than what’s considered average.

Factor #3: Amount You Consume Per Day

Remember that the strength of CBD coffee refers to how many milligrams of hemp you’re consuming per dose, and when it comes to CBD coffee, the dose is a single cup.  Therefore, how many cups of coffee you have in a day plays a role in how strong the actual coffee formula should be.  If you’re the type of person who needs three cups in the morning just to get moving, you may desire a lower CBD level so that the three cups put together equals a standard number of milligrams.

Factor #4: How Much Coffee You Drink Per Cup

Some of us drink a small cup of coffee, while others fill a large thermos to the brim.  Obviously, the size of your daily dose plays a role in how strong the coffee should be.

Factor #5: Caffeine in the Coffee Itself

We said that caffeine and cannabidiol have a synergistic relationship, in which the two balance each other out to offer an uplifting, invigorating and calming sensation, all at once.  How much caffeine is in the coffee, therefore, plays a role in how much CBD there should be.  It can be argued that coffee with a higher caffeine level should contain more CBD to provide balance.  And, some roasts are naturally higher in caffeine than others, and so this should be considered.

Jolt and Awaken You

At the end of the day, the CBD coffee products at Café La Muerte offer the perfect potency level to give you all of the desirable effects of both caffeine and cannabidiol.  This way, you’ll experience a balanced feeling that lasts for up to several hours after consumption.