Full Spectrum CBD vs. Broad Spectrum CBD Coffee. Best Coffee Experience 2023

If you don’t know what full spectrum CBD or broad spectrum CBD is, don’t worry we got you covered.  We’ll be thoroughly explaining the difference between both, and how they can ultimately affect your CBD coffee experience. When you’re shopping for CBD coffee, there is almost certain key factors that you’re looking for when choosing which product you’ll end up purchasing.  You’re likely looking for your favorite coffee roast, as well as the right milligram strength of CBD to give you your preferred daily dose of hemp; there are many factors you should be looking into, including the type of hemp extract that was used to infuse the coffee.

What These Terms Mean

They refer to the type of hemp extract that’s in the product.  The term “CBD” can be misleading as it can sound as though there’s only CBD in a product.  But the hemp plant offers a diverse array of compounds that are uniquely desirable, and many hemp products contain a multitude of these compounds.

There are three types of hemp extract commonly found in commercial CBD products including CBD coffees. There is full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate (pure CBD with no other hemp compounds present and is the least widely used).

Full and broad spectrum hemp extracts contain a multitude of compounds that naturally occur in hemp.  Note that cannabidiol is the most popular compound in hemp, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only one worth trying.  CBD is one of many cannabinoids that naturally exist in the plant material and each cannabinoid offers unique effects on the body’s endocannabinoid system to promote overall homeostasis.

Further, the hemp plant is rich in nutrients like vitamins and fatty acids that can be beneficial when consumed in the form of coffee.  Also, hemp contains hundreds of terpenes, which are plant compounds that offer unique benefits such as anti-inflammatory activity, anti-fungal activity, and flavor.

Full spectrum CBD Vs. Broad Spectrum CBD

Full Spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD is full spectrum hemp extract, which contains, as the name implies, the full spectrum of compounds that occur in the hemp plant.  This means that only this type of extract gives you every cannabinoid, terpene, nutrient, and other lesser known compounds in the plant’s buds.  Keep in mind that this type of extract gives you the THC that’s naturally found in hemp. In hemp, you’ll find about 0.3% THC which is the legal limit.  Therefore, consuming hemp that has this level of THC is legal and won’t get you into trouble.  The THC is far too low in hemp to produce intoxicating effects.

Full spectrum hemp gives you the entourage effect, while other types of extracts do not.  The entourage effect refers to the synergistic effect that takes place when you consume all of hemp’s compounds as nature intended.  The presence of each compound boosts the bioavailability of the others, increasing the likelihood of meeting your goals through daily hemp usage.

Full Spectrum CBD


Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad spectrum hemp extract is the alternative to full spectrum.  It contains every compound in hemp except for THC.  This means that the THC has been chemically isolated and removed from the concentrate that results from running the hemp through an extraction process.

So, why does it exist?  Well, some people don’t want to consume any THC at all.  And that’s their choice.  They’ll still be getting every other compound in hemp including cannabinoids, terpenes and nutrients though they won’t experience the true entourage effect, due to the one missing compound in the extract.

Broad Spectrum CBD

What They Mean in Terms of Your Coffee Experience

So, why does this matter when it comes to your experience with CBD coffee?  Well, CBD coffee is uniquely bioavailable meaning that it absorbs into the body very efficiently.  Therefore, each and every compound you consume may be more “felt” once it has absorbed into the system.  So, choosing the right type of extract can really make a difference in how you feel after consuming your cup of joe compared to other delivery methods that exist on the market.

Bear in mind that under no circumstances can full spectrum hemp get you high, in spite of its THC content.  It’s simply impossible, even with highly bioavailable products, to experience mind-altering effects because the THC level is just too low to physically create a psychoactive experience.

Cafe La Muerte CBD Coffee

Why We Believe Full Spectrum CBD is Ideal

Ultimately, we feel that full spectrum CBD is ideal, whether it be in a coffee product or a regular CBD product.  The entourage effect can make or break your ability to reach your wellness goals by consuming the hemp plant.  Therefore, we feel that when choosing a CBD coffee you should go with full spectrum CBD, which uses full spectrum hemp extract providing premium experience such as the experience Café La Muerte provides.

Full Spectrum CBD

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there’s certainly a case to be made for choosing full spectrum CBD coffee over its broad spectrum counterpart.  Only full spectrum CBD coffee will treat your body to the entourage effect, which is capable of taking your overall wellness to a whole new level.  Café La Muerte offers full spectrum CBD coffee made with carefully sourced, lab-tested hemp and high-quality deliciously rich coffee beans.

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