Does the Temperature of CBD Coffee Affect its Potency?

We’ll discuss how temperature impacts the effectiveness of cannabidiol, as it relates to drinking CBD coffee, both hot and cold.

A lot of us coffee drinkers have a strong preference as to whether we enjoy our cup of joe piping hot or iced to perfection.  However, those who drink CBD coffee often wonder whether or not it’s okay to serve their beverage at a hot temperature, or ice it, as they fear that CBD may be uniquely sensitive to temperature.  The last thing that a hemp enthusiast wants is for their cannabinoids to lose their potency as a result of being exposed to extreme temperatures.  After all, that would defeat the purpose of taking CBD in the form of a hemp-infused coffee in the first place.

Now, you’ll likely be surprised by what the science has to say.

Hot Coffee

Most of us are aware that at a certain temperature, the compounds in the hemp plant begin to degrade, which makes them lose their potency.  Therefore, if CBD is heated at too high of a temperature, it won’t be effective, and will essentially be useless.

It’s been established that the effectiveness of cannabinoids decreases at about 230 degrees Fahrenheit.  So, what does this mean for lovers of steaming hot coffee?  Well, the good news is that it’s extremely unlikely that your coffee will get this hot.  Standard coffee makers tend to run at no more than 200 degrees, and 230 degrees would give you some extremely severe burns.  Most people drink their coffee between 150 and 170 degrees.  Therefore, as long as you keep the coffee below 230, you’ll be fine, and be able to enjoy all that CBD has to offer in drinkable form.

Iced Coffee

Can’t the extreme cold temperatures of ice completely destroy the cannabinoids in the hemp plant?  Well, in short, no.  As it turns out, cannabinoids can completely freeze without degrading in any way.  Therefore, your iced coffee will not be less potent in terms of its CBD content, which means that you can enjoy your beverage and still experience that which cannabidiol is capable of.

What About the Flavor?

So now you know that CBD can be just as effective whether it comes in the form of hot coffee or iced coffee.  But do these temperatures affect flavor?  That’s possible, as it turns out.  Within the hemp plant, you’ll find a wide variety of terpenes, which are plant compounds that give hemp its unique flavor profile.  Some of these terpenes are more pronounced at specific temperatures.  Therefore, you may notice subtle differences in the flavor profile of your CBD coffee depending on the temperature at which you drink it.

Enjoy Your CBD-Based Java, Regardless of Temps

CBD coffee can ultimately handle standard coffee temperatures, both hot and cold.  At Café La Muerte, we’ve studied both CBD and coffee intensively in order to ensure that customers can enjoy what the hemp plant has to offer no matter how they like their coffee.  Therefore, you can continue enjoying your coffee as you normally would, knowing that the cannabidiol inside of it will be as bioavailable as you want it to be.