Can You add Additional CBD Drops to an Already CBD-Infused Coffee?

Some of our customers are so enthusiastic about CBD’s various properties that they are eager to experience an even stronger dose when they have their cup of joe.

Café la Muerte offers an array of CBD-infused coffees enhanced with the help of pure hemp extract.  We offer our coffee both in bagged and pod form, ensuring each cup gives you the tasty flavor and generous daily dose of hemp that you deserve.

However, some of our customers are so enthusiastic about CBD’s various properties that they are eager to experience an even stronger dose when they have their cup of joe.  That’s why it’s uncommon for us to be asked about adding more cannabidiol to our CBD-infused coffee products.

How Much CBD is in CBD-Infused Coffee?

Before you consider adding more CBD to our CBD-infused coffee, it’s good to know how much CBD is actually in each dose that we sell.  Generally, each cup provides you with about 75 milligrams of CBD extract.  That amount is exact in our CBD coffee pods, and the number can vary in the bags of coffee according to the size of your cup.

75mg is a fairly higher-than-average dose, but the caffeine in the CBD balances out the effects so that you feel a very balanced sensation in the body and mind.  Ingesting CBD, as you do when you drink CBD coffee, allows the effects to be more subtle in the system, and last for hours.  Meanwhile, caffeine and CBD work together synergistically in order to create a more well-rounded experience, where the cannabidiol takes some of the edge off of the caffeine and the caffeine makes CBD more uplifting so that you can spend the day feeling clear-minded and not groggy.

Should You Add More CBD to CBD-Infused Coffee?

Certainly, you can!  First of all, CBD is nontoxic to the human body, and so you don’t need to worry about consuming it in dangerous levels.

Know that when you add more CBD to coffee that is already infused with the cannabinoid, you’re going to have a stronger CBD experience, and at the same time, you’ll be changing the synergistic balance between the two compounds.  This isn’t a bad thing, if you’re using cannabidiol as a means to destress or calm down.  Adding more of this cannabinoid to your cup of coffee will simply make those effects a bit stronger, while taking the edge off of the caffeine even further.  As you can imagine, this is actually an effect that many people desire.

What are CBD Drops?

The best way to add more CBD to an existing cup of CBD-infused coffee is to pour in individual CBD drops.  CBD drops refer to drops of CBD oil.  And CBD oil is a simple product consisting of hemp extract diluted in a relatively flavorless carrier oil.  It’s often marketed as a CBD tincture, and this is its most popular use, but it’s actually a highly versatile product that allows you to add cannabidiol to any food or beverage.

Going with CBD drops allows you to control the amount that you’re adding with maximum precision.  The dropper cap makes it easy for you to pour out one drop at a time until you reach your desired amount.

How Many Drops Should You Add to CBD-Infused Coffee?

Well, that depends on how strong you want the coffee to be on the cannabidiol side of things.  A full dropper’s worth counts as a full dose, and CBD-infused coffee already has a full dose in it, so use this as your guide.  If you want twice the CBD strength, a full dropper’s worth is ideal.  If you want less or more, play around with the amount until you are satisfied.  Remember too that CBD oils come in a wide range of milligram strengths, which determines how potent each dropper’s worth will be.

At Café la Muerte, we love when our customers get creative with our coffee products.  One of the easiest ways to customize our signature CBD coffees is by adding CBD drops to each cup to take the cannabidiol level to a whole new level.