Can I Have Café La Muerte CBD Coffee with Other CBD Products?

Can you combine CBD coffee with another CBD product and is it actually safe to mix CBD coffee with more CBD? This piece will cover that and more.

Café La Muerte CBD Coffee has become a huge hit, because who doesn’t want to start their day off on the right foot with a deliciously smooth blend of hemp and freshly roasted coffee beans?  Our CBD coffee contains a generous dose of high-quality CBD extract that can supply you with a boost in the wellness department, and many people find that it delivers enough hemp to the system to last throughout the day and act as the sole component to one’s hemp regimen.

But does that mean that you can’t combine CBD coffee with another CBD product?  Is it actually safe to mix CBD coffee with more CBD?  Let’s see what the science has to say.

In Short, Yes

Yes, you can absolutely combine CBD coffee with another CBD product.  Many people take multiple forms of hemp throughout the day with no ill effects.  In fact, many people prefer combining different types of CBD products because of their unique wellness goals, as different products can offer different things to the body.

Different Delivery Methods Have Different Effectiveness Windows

Each delivery method has its own effectiveness window, so to speak.  In other words, some products act more quickly than others, while others last longer in the system while remaining effective.  An example would be vaping.  Vaping CBD takes just minutes to peak, and it’s gone in under an hour.  Edibles last for hours but require about 90 minutes to fully peak in the body.

One reason why people combine different delivery methods is because they want to play around with different peak levels and duration times during with the cannabinoids are felt in the body.  CBD coffee can take effect in as little as a half hour and last for a while.  Another method can then be used to sustain the CBD in the system longer, like a tincture or something to that effect.

Besides that, not everyone wants to have more than one cup in the morning.  So, if they want more CBD after the effects of the coffee wear off, they can go for a product that doesn’t contain caffeine.

CBD is Nontoxic, as is the Hemp Plant in General

It’s important to remember that CBD is not toxic to the human body.  This is why people can have high doses of it daily and feel fine.  Yes, everyone is different in terms of how their body responds to cannabinoids, but at the end of the day, there are no recorded instances of overdose caused by CBD as it simply doesn’t produce toxic effects.  So, if you want to double up on different hemp products, go right ahead.

CBD Coffee is Unique from Other CBD Products

Each CBD product is unique in its own way.  CBD coffee is great for coffee lovers, and we know that the combination of CBD and coffee has synergistic properties that offer a gentle boost without the jitters.  But, just because you take CBD coffee each day doesn’t mean that you should feel like you have to miss out on all of the other wonderful cannabidiol goods that exist on the market.  For instance, there are CBD products geared toward sleep that can be a great secondary product to take at night, when coffee really isn’t conducive to falling asleep easily.

The Dosing of Each Product Makes a Difference

Of course, the ultimate experience you may feel when combining two CBD products together depends on the dose of each.  For instance, having two cups of CBD coffee and taking a very potent CBD vape will produce results different from those caused by having a single cup and having a low-dose edible.  So, keep this in mind.

Time Your Doses According to Your Goals

Further, when you take each dose of CBD matters.  Having a cup of CBD coffee along with a tincture at the same time will cause both products to peak in the system at once.  Having a cup of CBD coffee followed by an edible hours later will likely not cause an overlap in peaks.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, know that it’s totally fine to enjoy our delicious CBD coffee with another type of CBD product.  That being said, get creative and come up with a routine totally customized to your unique goals and preferences.